Points to ponder on: for 40+ women~

(It’s early fall~ the myriad colours dazzle me!)

40+ feels sexy

You’ll find men’s admiring eyes on you more often… there’s a light in you now, they want to locate the source.

The younger ones practically will ogle, most of them. The light draws them like moth to a flame. But they are just that… moths.

The light in you is just your confidence in yourself, and it shows, shines.

Everyone seems younger until you find out they’re the same age as you’re, or older.

The taboos shrink away and fall; you’re in free fall too. Let go, just let go.

Your children are from a different generation, and again, it shows.

Yet, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Your heart expands and so does your love for them.

Spousal friendship deepens… except the fights, which worsen;)

You notice the changes; in your body, in your mind, in your spirit.

You want to create your bucket list, or you already have.

You sometimes wish you could turn back time; undo things you’ve done, un-meet a few people you’ve met and do those things you’re still waiting to do as you tell yourself that this isn’t the right time.

You realize this is the right time.

Your spirit is lighter which is wonderful, but you worry if the same applies to your bank balance.

You want to hug your kids more often.

You get emotional over books, movies and face book posts from friends.

You want to reach out to those people who fell off your radar at some point of time; but there’s always so much to do!

You realize it’s better to let go of those who do not want to be on your radar. You realize you can’t complete their journey, no matter how hard you try.

You think about traveling… a lot.

You lay awake at night, for hours on end, wondering how…. when…. why.

You want to run and run and run…. but you know you can never outrun life and its trials. Freedom is a non-existent concept for most of us, yet you talk a lot about freedom.

Lastly, you want to delete posts you’ve written like this one because you wonder if it makes any sense at all; but you won’t… cuz what the heck ! You want to say these things.. OUT LOUD.

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