Author? Writer? Story-teller?

I heard a famous writer once comment ‘A love story is not really that unless it makes you cry.’ While writing my debut novel ‘The Sentenced: Chained to the Memory’, I recalled these words. I would not be exaggerating if I said that ‘humility’ is my middle name…. which is why I believed my novel is just one of those… a novel! One in a multitude. But then an acquaintance read my book.
“Did you like it?” I asked, afraid he would reply with a smirk.
“I cried.” He answered, and fell silent.
The story of Maya and Anton, of how their lives intertwined and then, disentangled. Leaving one feeling free and the other grappling with the loss.
Oh yes! They also say a love story is truly that when it is a tale of unrequited love. This one is.

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