Love and then.. NOTHING!

Ever had that empty, nagging ache in the pit of your stomach? One that is a constant, dull thud of discomfort? But then the pain grows some more; and just when you’ve had enough and you feel it’s going to stop any minute, it rears its ugly head even more! What’s this pain like? Like something that was there, deep within you; something like a vital organ had been ripped away; leaving a gaping hole of nothingness. It’s as if you’re undergoing surgery and the doctors forgot the anesthetic. That’s what Maya must have felt when Anton bowed out of her life. Suddenly, without giving her a clue. The pain that grows but doesn’t go.

But then, it’s only a story, penned by a first-time author. However, I know of a young man who died of the same after his fiance decided she wanted a different life. Away from him. The grief was too much for him to bear. People do die of grief and heartbreak. Who knew love can be such a potent murder weapon! For the faint-hearted maybe.

But Maya wasn’t faint-hearted. She loved with a certain gentle fierceness, a certain obstinate resolve to believe in the magical power of her passion to bring to fruition all that she craved. The man she wanted. Anton. Her love did prove powerful but in bringing about everything she had not desired. The fool.

The story of the saint and the sinner. Or the fool and the astute? Do read and let me know, because it is the readers that make an author. Book available soon on other platforms as well.

Front cover of my debut novel
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